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Know Thyself... and Gain Wisdom

Has your ignorance ever manifested itself in such a way that you were shocked, grieved, and challenged? But then resolved to gain wisdom? Mine has...multiple times. One of the most memorable was the year after I got married. Something happened after Sarah and I tied the knot that prepared me for the reality of marital life....

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The Songs We Sing

The most infamous heretic in church history was a man named Arius in the fourth century. He denied the deity of Jesus Christ. He taught that Jesus was a created being, not divine, not eternal, and therefore, not fully God. Those claims alarmed church leaders and put Arius on the heresy watch-list....

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Worst Roommate Ever

I recently read the story of the Worst Roommate ever. Bad roommates are late on rent. They don’t flush the toilet. They make noise and fight over the thermostat setting. But this roommate takes conflict to a whole new level. Here’s the story:...

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In Romans chapter 7, Paul brings clarity to a question Christians have struggled to answer for a long time: how do we as followers of Jesus relate to God’s moral law?...

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The Thread

It's always been there. I just haven't always noticed it. It's thin, this thread. So thin that it often seems to disappear. But it is indeed there. It's always there. It runs through every single event in my life. From before I can even remember. It always appears bigger in the past than it does in the present. That's how I first noticed the thread. By looking back. The th...

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I Am.

Triumph. Humility. Confrontation. Celebration. Betrayal. Anxiety. Prayer. Trials. Torture. Death. Weeping. Resurrection. Victory. Jesus had quite the week. ...

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The Book Shelf | Live No Lies by John Mark Comer

"Our war against the three enemies of the soul is not a war of guns and bombs. It's not against other people at all. It's a war on lies. And the problem is less that we tell lies and more that we live them; we let false narratives about reality into our bodies, and they wreak havoc in our souls." -John Mark Comer ...

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The Book Shelf | Habits of Grace by David Mathis

"God has revealed certain channels through which he regularly pours out his favor. And we're foolish not to take his word on them and build habits of spiritual life around them." - Mathis...

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The Book Shelf | The Cost of Discipleship by Deitrich Bonhoeffer

"When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die." - Bonhoeffer...

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Law and Grace

Author Philip Yancey describes himself as, “a pilgrim, still 'in recovery' from a bad church upbringing, searching for the possibility of a faith rooted in grace instead of fear.”...

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