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Glory and Clutter


The Gospel is good news for bad people from a surprising God. It shocks us. It offends us. It humbles us. And it transforms us. But sometimes…it bores us. Or rather, we become bored with it. That’s our fault...

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Drone Shot of My Yacht


David Geffen is a billionaire. I don't begrudge him his wealth. God grants the power to accumulate wealth--or lose it. But in a cringe-worthy, tone-deaf moment, Mr. Geffen posted a picture on his Instagram account that is likely to follow him forever....

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Good News to Settle Your Heart


There’s a scene in The Fellowship of the Ring where Strider asked Frodo, “Are you frightened?” Frodo answers, “Yes,” and Strider says, “Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you.”...

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The Good Life Vlog | Pt. IV

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Check out the final piece to our Good Life Vlog series! So far we've been encouraged by the fact that God is sovereign, God is wise, and... watch the vlog to catch the final point!...

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The Good Life Vlog | Pt. III

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Continuing the encouragement for this chaotic time! Check out Pt. IV, the final piece, tomorrow morning!...

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The Good Life Vlog | Pt. I

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Join Pastor Tommy as he films a series of blogs as he unpacks some encouragement from Psalm 23 as is pertains to our daily lives....

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The Good Life Vlog | Pt. II

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Has this been a really long week for you? Tune in for some encouragement from Pastor Tommy!...

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Who's Got Your Back


I’ll bet you’ve never seen a wild sheep. Think about it. We see wild dogs, wild cats, wild pigs (especially here in central FL). You probably see wild horses if you live out west. On their own, they’re fine. They’ll find a way to survive. But sheep? Not a chance. ...

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The Good Life


We’re facing a unique cultural challenge. Americans are more connected but feel lonely, isolated, and depressed. We’re safer than we’ve ever been, but have grown more anxious and afraid. We can access a global network of endless information, yet we’re confused and misinformed. Therapy, 12-step programs, online courses and a gazillion books are available. But Americ...

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Have you ever heard, or maybe even thought: “I want Jesus to come back, but first I really want to experience _____.” What occupies your blank? Marriage? Sex? Children? Retirement? Some kind of bucket list item like skydiving, hiking the Appalachian Trail, seeing the Grand Canyon, or climbing Mt. Everest? Those sound amazing. But do we really think God would allow some...

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