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The Heart of Jesus

“There are many false Jesuses out there to defraud you, right where you need help the most.” I recently read that sentence in a book by Ray Ortlund and it resonated with me. Have you ever been defrauded? The word means to be duped, swindled, or deceived. Usually money is involved. But let’s be honest. Spiritual defraud is more devastating than financial fraud. ...

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Encouragement Crisis

We suffer from excess. We’re overdrawn on our bank accounts, overextended in our responsibilities, and overwhelmed with life in general. And with the cultural anger and division taking place right now, a lot of people are overheated. But when’s the last time you heard someone complain of being over encouraged? Me neither, especially after the headlines this month. They...

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Blood, Belief and the End of Boasting

Thousands of years ago, a man named Job asked the question that has haunted and eluded human beings since the fall of mankind: “How can a man be right with God?”...

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Our Only Hope

Closing trial arguments are critical—especially for the prosecution. They answer objections. They summarize and present compelling evidence. They establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Finally, they argue for a guilty verdict and just sentence....

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