In the summer of 2016, GraceLife sent out Patti Parks as a missionary to Ireland.

"One of the joys of serving in Ireland is helping people understand the Gospel. One of my responsibilities is to meet with women, of all ages and lead them in a bible study or one-to-one discipleship. (And fun fact, my Dad named me after St. Patrick.)  As you can imagine, Ireland is 98% Catholic, and so there are lots of misunderstandings about what the Gospel is and what isn't. There is less than 1% evangelical, and the majority of church leaders are Missionaries from various counties. We know that God is not the author of confusion. Please pray his message will be clearly shared by his servants here." - Patti Parks

To hear a little bit of Patti's story, her most recent update on her mission work in Ireland as well as how we can specifically be praying for the people of Ireland, watch here.

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