Blue Palms Senior Living

Blue Palms Senior Living is a senior living center that one of our DeLand community groups consistently serves together by playing bingo with the residents.

Be a presence! Just showing up is a big deal and means so much to the residents. They are often a forgotten group of people, and are thirsting for community and an encouraging word. We help Cindy (our contact there) pass out the BINGO boards and chips while she brings the residents from their rooms to the community area.

There are lots of opportunities for gospel centered conversations while we interact and fellowship with the residents. The residents are even open to honest questions from the kids when they ask them things like "have you thought what Heaven will be like?"
We also pass out gospel tracks during the holidays. Their love language is food since they get limited menus from the home. We usually bring a food treat every time we go... birthday cake to celebrate their birthdays, ice cream, cookies, etc.

Once a month (on the 3rd Thursday of the month) from 6-8pm.

PRAY! Please pray for more ways to have gospel centered conversations with the residents and the staff. Sometimes it's hard to have these conversations while we are playing BINGO and listening to the numbers being called etc. It's also hard when the staff are moving around taking care of the residents, since it's assisted living. But in the times we have had these conversations, the residents AND the staff seem to welcome them

Supplies: Feel free to donate prize items to their BINGO cart. The residents love solar powered knick knacks they can put on their window sill, fuzzy socks, fuzzy blankets, crossword puzzles, etc. They also LOVE chocolates, cookies, and any treats! Another item they could use are new BINGO cards and chips, because the ones they have are at the end of their life.

Your Time: Feel free to join us when we play BINGO! Again, they are THIRSTING for community, so above anything else, they just love having our presence there.