At GraceLife Church, we keep things pretty simple and we are intentional about our process for accomplishing the Great Commission. We avoid being program-driven. We want our focus to remain on the biblical model Jesus used when growing disciples. We gather, grow, and go and anyone can get in on it! The ministry areas we offer are centered around our mission of reaching the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. GraceLife is where the insiders exist for the outsidersInsider is the term we use for followers of Jesus who gather, grow and go for the glory of Jesus and the edification of the church.

GO is about action. It’s living on mission for Jesus and pouring your life into others. When we GO, we live with gospel intentionality.

Ambassador is the term we use for a person who serves here at GraceLife. There are many areas of service to explore and we're happy to help match your gifts with an opportunity to serve.

Find out more about how you can share your time and gifts as an Ambassador at
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