The Good Samaritan Clinic

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The Good Samaritan Clinic, located just off of Plymouth Ave and 17-92 in Deland, is a faith-based clinic, motivated by the love of Christ, and in obedience to His command to serve the poor, that provides medical and dental care to the uninsured of the community through volunteer providers. Doctors and nurses in our community volunteer their professional services free after hours three evenings a week to those in West Volusia County who qualify for the services due to low household income and assets. Many adults cannot receive Medicaid services because they are not considered elderly, handicapped, or have dependent children. This clinic provides them medical care, medications, diabetic counseling, and mental health counseling free of charge.

The Northwest Deltona Community Group goes on a monthly basis as Prayer Warriors to the patients and staff of the clinic.  We are there to support and encourage them emotionally and spiritually, to share and show God’s love to them, and, as Matt put it in his sermon recently, to “leak” the kingdom of God to them.

The Northwest Deltona Community has also provided gifts for the holiday tree in their lobby, and supplied refreshments for their annual open house at Christmas. We also have opportunity to take part in their fundraisers, since the clinic is run by donations only. 

The clinic can use more prayer warriors for days that are presently not covered on Mondays and Fridays. If you are interested in participating, contact Bill or Pam Hicks.