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Small Beginnings


Seminary was hard for me. I attended a school that challenged me mentally and stretched me theologically. It was exhausting work. But by God’s grace...

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Alone, afraid, angry, and waiting to die. That might describe a nursing home resident with Covid-19 whose health is waning; a wounded soldier left behind in the battlefield; a small business owner who is busted and bankrupt; or a rebel whose entire life has been defiant. It’s easy to feel alone and outnumbered...

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In the Dark


Right now, the people in Barrow, Alaska are sitting in darkness and won’t see the sun for another full month. Every year, Barrow, located 320 miles North of the Arctic Circle, is in complete darkness for 65 days. Scientists call it Polar Night. The locals call it Endless Night. It’s a long, cold, dark winter. ...

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Perfect Timing


Have you ever wondered why God waited so long to send Jesus into the world...

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“Do you have any stories about how kids really are?” As a child, and bored with reading kid literature that didn’t seem true to life, Stephen King asked that question to a book-cart attendant who handed him a copy of William Golding’s classic, Lord of the Flies. ...

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