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Why Membership Matters

Nowhere in the New Testament can you find the phrase "church member," or "church membership." There is no command from Jesus to "repent, believe, and then go take a membership class at the closest church." So what's all the fuss? Why is becoming an official member of a church important? Why does membership matter?...

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Don't Waste Your Suffering

I met a lady years ago and began inviting her church. She was not opposed to Christianity, she just had been out of church for years. One random Sunday she showed up and loved the service. She even filled out a connect card and asked for follow up. A close member of her family needed counseling. Our church reached out and met her need. She began to attend more regularly. S...

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Three Realities of Our Justification

When Jesus saves us, what changes? We know our sins have been forgiven and we’ll go to heaven when we die. But it doesn’t take 27 books and 260 chapters (The New Testament) to tell us that. What else changes when we believe the gospel? In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul argues that our justification breaks in with three new realities. He explains them in chapte...

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