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Common Grace and Troubling Realities


At times, we rejoice in the miraculous and saving grace of God, chiefly made known in and through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In those times, we can almost taste heavenly wine on our lips. The sun standing still in the sky seems a small feat for Omnipotence. Eternal glory is as real as any earthly country we might visit. But in other seasons...

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Stop It


An old Comedy Central skit features Bob Newhart as a therapist. He meets a new client who suffers from the fear of being buried alive in a box. Newhart drops some forceful, two-word therapy on her: “Stop it!” As you can imagine, the session ends as poorly as it started. Newhart warns his client, “Stop it! Or I’ll bury you alive in a box!”...

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When the Bottom Falls Out


What truth matters most when you hit bottom? What reality informs your response when life unravels? Trace the breadcrumbs and you’ll find something powerful....

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Hidden in Plain Sight


I have a confession to make. I often skim over parts of the Bible that seem familiar, formal, or just...

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