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Culture Check: An Introduction


What is culture? It’s like the air you breath. The water you swim in. The strange, elusive smell of your house. It’s usually undetected by you...

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Under the Influence: Part 2

UndertheInfluenceInsta copycopy

In part one, we saw that the world lies under the influence of an evil power, led by a sinister ruler, with the purpose of deceiving, enslaving, and destroying the souls of those who dwell here. In the book of Revelation, that power is depicted as Babylon, a city opposed to God and hostile to His followers. But you won’t read that on the “Welcome to Babylon” sign. Th...

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Under the Influence: Part 1

UndertheInfluenceInsta copy

Have you noticed a pattern with blockbuster movie trilogies from the past several decades...

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10 Questions for GraceLife Missionary Patti Parks

Blue Ocean Photo Summer Instagram Post

Last month, I came across a statement by a missionary in Central Asia that gripped me. He wrote: “Most missionaries are actually surprised by how few questions they get asked when they return to their home countries. Or, after years of living overseas, full of misadventures and crises, the only question that comes is, ‘So, how was your trip?’”...

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A Word to the Weary


Weariness is the theme I’m hearing and the vibe I’m feeling from a lot of people these days. When COVID-19 first hit and the world went into lock-down, churches scrambled to get their services online and find creative ways to care for their people. Back then, when someone asked me how I was doing, I answered “Crazy busy!” Now I say, “Crazy exhausted!” which is ...

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