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A Letter that Changes Everything

In 386 AD, a young man paced back in forth in a garden, deeply troubled. He had retreated to a secluded place where he could be alone with his troubled heart. Moments away from being converted to Christ, he was at war with himself....

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The Letter


Long ago, people wrote letters by hand. They didn’t text, email, or snapchat. No memes, gifs, or emojis either. As tedious and boring as it sounds, those hand-written letters carried more weight and left longer impressions...

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Small Beginnings Pt. 2


When the returning exiles completed the foundation for their rebuilt temple, God did something strange. He invited them to compare their small building to the previous temple Solomon built. ...

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Alone, afraid, angry, and waiting to die. That might describe a nursing home resident with Covid-19 whose health is waning; a wounded soldier left behind in the battlefield; a small business owner who is busted and bankrupt; or a rebel whose entire life has been defiant. It’s easy to feel alone and outnumbered...

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A Better Song


Music wields a strange, unexplainable power. I’ve read that music is one of the most effective means of therapy for patients suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers. Their eyes grow wide upon hearing a song from their past as memories are awakened. For better or worse, music grips us. Songs can get in your head and flood your heart with emotions. Songs carry messages. ...

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Give Us a Sign


A couple nights ago I told my littlest daughter that no spider in a nightmare can ever physically hurt her. I told her so as she was climbing into bed because at that moment she was not fearful of any real and present spider but of one that might again make its shadowy way into her unconscious dream perception. She grinned and was ready to sleep, newly emboldened. She unde...

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Culture Check: Serving Others


It’s 1935. Germany is under the tyranny of Hitler and he is forming a powerful army trained to inflict cruelty and death. His tactics include fear, brainwashing, and domination. At the same time, Dietrich Bonhoeffer...

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Culture Check: An Introduction


What is culture? It’s like the air you breath. The water you swim in. The strange, elusive smell of your house. It’s usually undetected by you...

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Under the Influence: Part 2

UndertheInfluenceInsta copycopy

In part one, we saw that the world lies under the influence of an evil power, led by a sinister ruler, with the purpose of deceiving, enslaving, and destroying the souls of those who dwell here. In the book of Revelation, that power is depicted as Babylon, a city opposed to God and hostile to His followers. But you won’t read that on the “Welcome to Babylon” sign. Th...

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Under the Influence: Part 1

UndertheInfluenceInsta copy

Have you noticed a pattern with blockbuster movie trilogies from the past several decades...

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A Word to the Weary


Weariness is the theme I’m hearing and the vibe I’m feeling from a lot of people these days. When COVID-19 first hit and the world went into lock-down, churches scrambled to get their services online and find creative ways to care for their people. Back then, when someone asked me how I was doing, I answered “Crazy busy!” Now I say, “Crazy exhausted!” which is ...

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Kept by God


Last week I talked about our responsibility as image-bearers to show the world what God is like--to reflect his image like a mirror. That's our privilege. That's our responsibility. And we can't do it alone. ...

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Anxiety and Your Mind


Your mind has incredible potential. It can protect you or assault you; free you to engage the world or imprison you behind bars of worry and concern. It’s a weapon, really. And like any weapon, how you use it matters...

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Stop It


An old Comedy Central skit features Bob Newhart as a therapist. He meets a new client who suffers from the fear of being buried alive in a box. Newhart drops some forceful, two-word therapy on her: “Stop it!” As you can imagine, the session ends as poorly as it started. Newhart warns his client, “Stop it! Or I’ll bury you alive in a box!”...

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When the Bottom Falls Out


What truth matters most when you hit bottom? What reality informs your response when life unravels? Trace the breadcrumbs and you’ll find something powerful....

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Making Mud Pies in the Slum

Black and White Sculpture Plain Collages Instagram

I can’t remember the first time I read C.S. Lewis’ mud pies in the slum analogy, but I will never forget the imagery: It would seem that Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a s...

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Good News to Settle Your Heart


There’s a scene in The Fellowship of the Ring where Strider asked Frodo, “Are you frightened?” Frodo answers, “Yes,” and Strider says, “Not nearly frightened enough. I know what hunts you.”...

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Who's Got Your Back


I’ll bet you’ve never seen a wild sheep. Think about it. We see wild dogs, wild cats, wild pigs (especially here in central FL). You probably see wild horses if you live out west. On their own, they’re fine. They’ll find a way to survive. But sheep? Not a chance. ...

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Disarming Doubt


The French philosopher René Descartes summed up the Enlightenment when he said, “I doubt, therefore I think.” You know the rest of his statement. “I think, therefore I am.” In other words, doubting is part of being human. It’s at the core of our existence. Because of life’s relentless disappointments, we’re naturally skeptics. Doubt comes easy for us in...

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When I was about eight years old, some boys on the elementary basketball team played a cruel prank on me. They shoved me in an old, abandoned locker room and held the door closed. That was the longest five minutes of my childhood....

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Shame OFF You


Last week a little girl told me about the teacher at her school who kept scolding the class with these words, “Shame on you!” If that teacher wants her students to carry around shame for something they did...

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Groundhog Day: Comedy, Fantasy or Tragedy?


Groundhog Day hit theaters in 1993 when I was a senior in high school. It became an instant classic and eventually a cult favorite, still resonating with audiences 27 years later! It’s the story of an arrogant, self-centered weatherman named Phil Connors (Bill Murray) who finds himself waking up and reliving the same day over and over again. That day was Feb. 2, Groundho...

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20/20 Vision


There’s a place in the Bible where Solomon makes a keen observation about human beings. He writes, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). As one of the greatest kings of Israel...

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Celebrating Peace at Christmas

OverProject 4

Have you heard of Hiroo Onoda? He was the last Japanese soldier to surrender in World War 2. But he didn’t wave a white flag in 1945. Hiroo held out for nearly 30 years deep in the Philippine jungles of Lubang. Obeying orders, he refused to surrender under any circumstances—including villagers leaving notes declaring that the war was over, the Japanese government d...

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