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A grateful life is a beautiful life. It’s compelling. It’s attractive. It’s contagious. Being around thankful people is pleasant. They are humble, optimistic, and appreciative....

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A Better Song


Music wields a strange, unexplainable power. I’ve read that music is one of the most effective means of therapy for patients suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers. Their eyes grow wide upon hearing a song from their past as memories are awakened. For better or worse, music grips us. Songs can get in your head and flood your heart with emotions. Songs carry messages. ...

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Don't Fall For It | Part 3: The Resistance Cont.


I used to admire rugged individualism. The “Think for yourself. Walk alone. Take the path least traveled” kind of heroic machismo. That self-reliance gene exists in each of us but gains traction through cultural influences. For me, such an influence came from movies like Rambo, in which a tough soldier fights alone and saves the day. ...

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Don't Fall For It | Part 2: The Resistance


You won’t get far into the Bible without meeting a terrible adversary. Whether you start in the Old Testament, or the New, you’ll only make it a few chapters before the tempter appears on the scene. ...

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