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No One Seeks God

When I graduated high school I repeated a pattern most of the kids in my town followed. I enrolled in a local college about 20 minutes from my house. I didn’t have to move out. I didn’t have to quit my job or leave town. I didn’t have to pay for tuition. I didn’t have to start over. It made sense...

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Spiritual Renewal Pt. 2

Last week, we defined Spiritual renewal as: living each day with a functional belief that all the promises of God in the Gospel are true...

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Spiritual Renewal

Consider with me some challenging questions about following Jesus in a broken world. When it comes to facing rejection; weathering conflict; encountering tragedy; resisting temptation; and combatting loneliness...

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The Cure for Moralism

In the villages of Costa Rica, a man acquired a motorcycle, but had no clue how to operate it. Being a proud villager, he refused to ask for help and was content merely to push that powerful machine from one village to another, never realizing its full potential. He had no idea how it started. He did not understand it, so he did not experience it. And he certainly did not ...

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