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Run Christian, Run!

Last week we looked at The Art of Resting and Running, but didn’t finish. We only looked at what it means to rest...

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Give Us a Sign


A couple nights ago I told my littlest daughter that no spider in a nightmare can ever physically hurt her. I told her so as she was climbing into bed because at that moment she was not fearful of any real and present spider but of one that might again make its shadowy way into her unconscious dream perception. She grinned and was ready to sleep, newly emboldened. She unde...

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10 Questions for GraceLife Missionary Patti Parks

Blue Ocean Photo Summer Instagram Post

Last month, I came across a statement by a missionary in Central Asia that gripped me. He wrote: “Most missionaries are actually surprised by how few questions they get asked when they return to their home countries. Or, after years of living overseas, full of misadventures and crises, the only question that comes is, ‘So, how was your trip?’”...

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Sufficient Sufferings


Many of us have heard stories of others’ sufferings that cause us to think something like, “Oh my goodness; I have no problems.” Or, “Wow, compared to that person’s suffering, I have no right to complain.” Leaving a right to complain aside: these are often unhelpful and possibly even unfaithful responses to the sufferings we witness and experience....

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Common Grace and Troubling Realities


At times, we rejoice in the miraculous and saving grace of God, chiefly made known in and through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In those times, we can almost taste heavenly wine on our lips. The sun standing still in the sky seems a small feat for Omnipotence. Eternal glory is as real as any earthly country we might visit. But in other seasons...

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Hidden in Plain Sight


I have a confession to make. I often skim over parts of the Bible that seem familiar, formal, or just...

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Where's Jesus?


My wife loves food, but she’s a picky eater. And a dish’s appearance often depends on her mood. Recently, after a long day of self-quarantining, toddler-chasing, homeschooling, and lunch-skipping, I cooked dinner for my exhausted wife. I take pride in preparing home-cooked hamburgers. I won’t gush or boast about it here, but nobody in my family complains. Everyone...

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Glory and Clutter


The Gospel is good news for bad people from a surprising God. It shocks us. It offends us. It humbles us. And it transforms us. But sometimes…it bores us. Or rather, we become bored with it. That’s our fault...

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Drone Shot of My Yacht


David Geffen is a billionaire. I don't begrudge him his wealth. God grants the power to accumulate wealth--or lose it. But in a cringe-worthy, tone-deaf moment, Mr. Geffen posted a picture on his Instagram account that is likely to follow him forever....

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